Why Clint Eastwood Never Gave His Son a Role on ‘American Sniper’

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Here’s the reason why Clint Eastwood never gave his son a role on any of his movies including ‘American Sniper’

You would think that the son of a major director and actor like Clint Eastwood would have an easy path to success and fortune. However, Clint Eastwood made sure that he had to earn it, and that is something his son Scott Eastwood is thankful for.

Scott Eastwood recently starred in his first leading role in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie, “The Longest Road,” but before that, he was turned down for a role in his father’s Academy Award nominated movie, “American Sniper”.

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That’s right — Clint himself turned his own son down. The younger Eastwood told The Independent UK:

“I auditioned for American Sniper and didn’t get a role. But it was actually perfect…I would have loved to have been part of American Sniper but then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this film.”

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com
Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Eastwood the younger has been turned down before by his father for film roles, and he understands why:

“If people knew the truth about my dad, they would be like, ‘Wait? What?’ The truth is he’s very old school, there are no hand-outs. It’s the opposite.”

He explains that his father wanted to instill him with a sense of self-sufficiency:

“It’s so funny because my dad was like: ‘Go get a job. Go figure it out. You want to be an actor, go for it but you better get a day job because that doesn’t pay the bills.’”

Until recently, Scott Eastwood did not have much success in Hollywood. He landed small roles in various films, but he also worked on several construction and bartending between auditions.

But his famous father’s message of hard work and perseverance appears to have paid off, especially since he landed a role in the film The Longest Ride:

“My dad always says, ‘Just stick around.’ Everybody thinks it’s an overnight success. But the reality is, it takes years of hard work.”

A great message for anyone.

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