#WheresGlenn: Fans Bash ‘The Walking Dead’ Following 90 Minute Morgan Episode

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The Walking Dead didn’t say if Glenn is alive which pissed off thousands of fans.

Fans go fast and furious after last week’s cliffhanger goes unsolved in last Sunday’s episode.

The 90-minute episode, which basically highlighted Morgan’s backstory, didn’t share any details surrounding Glenn’s death which made fans furious.

Many fans took to Twitter asking #WheresGlenn?

Is this the end of Steven Yeun’s character, Glenn on The Walking Dead?

AMC removed Steven Yeun from the opening credits of The Walking Dead. It was the first time that Yeun, an original series regular on the hit TV series, did not appear in the title sequence since the show first aired nearly eight years ago.

The Walking Dead has a history of removing actor’s name from the opening credits after their on-screen death. Sunday’s episode also featured the names of all the series regulars but, this time without Steven Yeun’s name. And even though [spoiler alert] Glenn is probably not killed off, removing him from the credits is probably The Walking Dead’s way of messing with their fans.

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