What State is the Movie-Making Capital of the World? You May Just be Shocked

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Louisiana is the top location for Hollywood’s major movies last year according to a report by Film L.A.

When it came to major movies, California is no longer the entertainment industry mecca, according to a new study released Thursday.

Eighteen out of 108 films last year that were produced by the major studios and the five biggest independents were shot in Louisiana, according to the 2013 Feature Film Production study from FilmL.A., the region’s non-profit permitting agency.


Paramount’s “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,”, Focus Features’ “Dallas Buyers Club” and Warner Bros.’ “Grudge Match” were among the movies shot in Louisiana.

California and Canada were next with 15, followed by the United Kingdom with 12 and Georgia with nine. Surprisingly, New York had only four major films. Ca

The surveyed films represent $7.6 billion in direct spending and tens of thousands of jobs in an array of professions, the report found.

The United States is still marked as the number one location in the nation for film production, with 70 feature films shot here. Now California are sharing their wealth with other states since many other states share lucrative tax credits and film incentives.


The numbers demonstrate what most people in California’s film and TV industry worried about, the loss of job opportunities and projects. The number of productions filming in California have been decreasing since 1887, when Canada offered significant tax credits for TV producers and filmmakers.

According to FilmL.A. president Paul Audley, there may just be a solution to California’s runaway production problem,

“The film and entertainment industries are absolutely essential to California’s middle class, and this underscores the importance of our work to level the playing field against the other states and countries who are luring our jobs away,” said Garcetti. “These jobs not only support California families, they generate revenues that pay for schools, infrastructure, and other state services.”

But, 2014 continues to look like a great year for Louisiana. “Jurassic World”, “Get Hard” starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, and “Terminator Genesis” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger are all filming in Louisiana.

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Source: FILM L.A (h/t TheWrap)