Tyler Perry to Restart Production in Atlanta on July 8th

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New York, NY - January 13, 2020: Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry attend premiere of Netflix A Fall From Grace at Metrograph (Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

Tyler Perry will resume production on two shows starting this July in Atlanta, Georgia following the Coronavirus shutdown.

Several weeks ago, Tyler Perry was one of the first Hollywood producers to create a plan to restart filming. Now, he is the first producer to announce start dates for his television shows. On July 8, Tyler Perry will start two BET series including ‘Sistas’ and ‘The Oval’. As a result, production will start shortly at Tyler Perry Studios.

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According to Deadline, ‘Sistas’ will start filming on July 8 in Atlanta, Georgia, and ‘The Oval’ will start filming on July 28th. Both series were renewed by BET after receiving high ratings in their first seasons. Tyler Perry will reportedly film 44 episodes in a little over one month.

The facility will have strict rules that include testing and keeping the cast and crew on Tyler Perry Studios’ 330-acre lot. Tyler Perry is expected to remain on the lot for the duration of the shoot along with the cast and crew. The existing homes on the former military base will provide housing for everyone working on the show.

Perry described to Deadline he spoke with leading unions to set guidelines during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Deadline reports Perry’s precautions are expected to surpass other guidelines in other production companies.

Perry was clear he would only start production if every cast member was okay with returning. The news outlet reports Tyler Perry held video conference calls with the cast of his shows to showcase his production plans. After testing, the cast will fly to Atlanta. Once they arrive, everyone will be tested and quarantined for four hours as they await results. The cast and crew will be tested 4 times over the course of filming and Emory Vaccine Center professor Carlos Del Rio will serve as the testing consultant.

If successful, Tyler Perry’s quick response to the pandemic will lay the foundation for other production companies to follow.

Original Post – May 7, 2020: Tyler Perry is reopening up Tyler Perry Studios

A studio spokesperson told GBPNews the studio will reopen in a limited capacity. Changes to the studio include temporary on-site housing for production crews and staff.

Earlier this week, a special meeting of the Fort McPherson Board of Directors was called and a resolution was passed to lease a portion of the property to create temporary housing on the Tyler Perry Studio campus.

“The goal of resolution and agreement is to make sure that the talented staff and crews can be housed safely while getting people back to work during this unprecedented financial and health-related crisis,” Fort Mac spokesman Mark Hayes said.

Tyler Perry owns the 330-acre Tyler Perry Studios, which is the site of former U.S. Army military base Fort McPherson in East Point, Georgia. The studio currently has 12 soundstage and 200 acres of green space.

Original post – April 26, 2020: Tyler Perry is working on a plan to reopen Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry Studios is one of the most significant studio properties in the world. His production facilities are the home to several of his TV shows, movies, and Marvel’s ‘Black Panther‘.

Amid the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak, many productions are struggling to find a way to bring back cast and crew safely. According to TMZ, Tyler Perry is planning on reopening his 330-acre Atlanta Studio Complex but, with some new rules.

TMZ’s sources say productions filmed at his facility will have the cast and crew check-in on the first day. Tyler Perry Studios will test everyone, and those who are found negative will be allowed on to the lot, where they will live for the duration of filming.

Considering the facility is a former army base, there are 141 barracks on-site. Also, Tyler Perry built 30 houses on the lot for various productions, which are all fully functional homes. Furthermore, TMZ reports if this is successful, Tyler Perry is considering building hotels.

The cast and crew can also use all of the facilities, including a gym, a bar, and restaurants. Tyler Perry built a hospital for one of the shows, and Tyler Perry believes he thinks it can become functional enough to hire medical staff, including doctors and nurses.

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New York, NY – January 13, 2020: Cast attends the premiere of Netflix A Fall From Grace at Metrograph (Editorial credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

Tyler perry would start with his productions, which are six TV shows. Each TV show takes about 2.5 weeks to film, so the cast and crew would show up and stay for just about three weeks. A few weeks later, the same team would return to shoot another season for the show. Also, cast and crew would get extra pay for filming during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

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That said, there are still issues such as small speaking roles and background extras? Or, what happens if a cast or crew member has to leave for emergency purposes. TMZ reports, Tyler Perry is checking with unions and other executives, but it sounds like a fantastic way to get filming back to Atlanta, Georgia.

In relevant news, Sweden and Denmark have restarted TV and movie production.

Sweden and Denmark are among the first countries in the world to put in place specific government guidelines and allow production to start.

The measures were listed in a document called the “Nordic Film Guide” made with production company Hobby Film and based data from both Sweden and Denmark. Hobby Film, which mostly makes commercials and is known for producing projects for H&M, Netflix, McDonald’s, and Heineken.

The new rules cancel the possibility of large crowd scenes and large production staff numbers.

“It is deemed irresponsible to execute crowd scenes where social distancing cannot be upheld to a satisfactory degree, as the risk of contagion is considered to be too high,” said the guide, sharing the example of a nightclub scene is a health risk.

Kissing and intimate scenes are not recommended for those older than 70. The Scandanavian website explains there “are no official rules regarding kissing, sex scenes and scenes that require one actor to touch another’s face,” casting actors at an “increased risk of severe illness.”

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