Two Atlanta Filmed Movies Flop in the Box Office

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The Nice Guys and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising both flopped in the box office.

The two Atlanta, Georgia filmed movies couldn’t compete with Angry Birds and Captain America: Civil War.

According to reports, The Angry Birds Movie earned $39 million in its debut weekend, beating Captain America: Civil War from first place. Civil War earned an additional $33.1 million for a second place spot, bringing it’s US total to $347.4 million. Meanwhile, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and The Nice Guys came in third and fourth respectively. Neighbors 2 brought in $21.8 million in its debut weekend — less than half of the first film’s $49 million opening in 2014. While, Nice Guys earned $11.3 million.

It’s important to point out that both movies, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and The Nice Guys were praised by movie critics. For example, according to Rotten TomatoesThe Nice Guys was given a 90% certified fresh rating with critics saying: “The Nice Guys has a riveting mystery wrapped around a balls-out explosive action comedy that undeniably results in one of the funniest and most entertaining films of the year. This is the first must-see film of the summer.” In addition, Neighbors 2: Sorority Raising was given a 60% rating by critics.

The Nice Guys is set around the 1970s Los Angeles, California when a private eye played by Ryan Gosling and his hired muscle played by Russell Crowe work together to solve a case of a missing girl and a seemingly unrelated death of a porn star. Their investigation leads to a bigger conspiracy. In Neighbors 2, a sorority moves in next door to the couple and Seth Rogen gets help from the fraternity to help battle the wild sorority sisters.

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