Beans From ‘Even Stevens’ Now Works As Santa’s Elf in a Mall

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Beans from Even Stevens now works as Santa’s helper in a California mall.

Not every child actor makes it big in Hollywood. Don’t believe me? Well ask Steven Anthony Lawrence, best known as “Beans” from Even Stevens, the Disney channel series that ran for three seasons and boosted Shia LaBeouf’s acting career.

Even Stevens
Even Stevens

Apparently, Lawrence is working as Santa’s helper at a shopping mall in California.

He seems to be okay with all of the attention, despite feeling “like I’ve changed so much when I look in the mirror.”

Seeing someone who used to be on TV now work at a mall for close to minimum wage is pretty depressing.

The 25-year-old, who’s done some commercial work is now teaching acting classes and is expected to work on several low budget independent movies including Clyde 3D, an upcoming movie about “two bumbling elves [who] team up with Santa’s daughter Holly to try to help a Michigan family in danger of losing its Christmas-tree farm.”

…Or he’s just a method actor, training for years to act like an elf for a low budget movie?