TV Reporter Finds a Missing Boy While Reporting on the Child’s Disappearance [Video]

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TV Reporter found a missing boy while reporting on the boy’s disappearance.

Last Thursday afternoon, a 10-year-old Tampa, Florida boy went missing after disappearing from his grandmother’s yard.

After hours of looking for Zeke (Paul Ezekial “Zeke” Fagan) on their own, the family reported the situation to their local police department, who were unable to find the boy during an overnight search which included trained dogs and a helicopter. Even the police held a press conference early the following morning to inform the media.

But, luckily, the boy was found by a news reporter live on TV.

ABC Action News reporter Cameron Polom, who was covering the story early Friday morning, was walking through the neighborhood when he spotted the missing Kimball Elementary School student standing alone by a fence.

“I said, ‘Have you been missing?’ I said, ‘Come here, buddy, and I just picked him up and I said would you mind if I lift you up?’” Polom said. “And I just said come with me, I just held his hand and walked him over to you guys. It’s crazy.” he said. [ABC Action News]

Check out the report of the reporter finding the missing boy: