Tom Hanks Reveals His What His First Audition Was Like and It’s Inspiring

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Tom Hanks reveals his first movie role and his very first audition and it’s pretty amazing.

Before becoming an A-list actor, winning Academy Awards, and a house hold name across the world. Tom Hanks was a struggling actor just trying to make it. Since then, Tom Hanks has worked on some of the biggest movies of all times including Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump. 

Nowadays, Tom Hanks is busy promoting his new Oscar contending movie, Bridge of Spies and filming his new movie with Clint Eastwood, SullyIn a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Tom Hanks sat down and went through all of the movies he has made in his filmmaking career. One of the most interesting parts of the Tom Hanks interview occurred when Hanks revealed what it was like to audition for his first movie role.

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The very first movie I made, I didn’t even know the process of being cast. I was in New York and I was just an actor who was trying to bounce around, and I went to some audition and it was by Lansbury–Beruh — they were the guys that were producing, among other things, Godspell. I went up to their office and they had all these posters for Broadway shows and I thought, Wow. These are really big heavy hitters. The audition was for a low-budget horror movie called He Knows You’re Alone — actually, the script I read was called The Uninvited. And I did this kind of general audition and they said, “OK, you’ll be in the movie. We don’t know who you’re going to play, but you’ll be in the movie.” And I said, “Is that how it works? Just like that?”

Tom Hanks then breaks down what it was like filming the low budget horror movie. Ultimately, it was nothing like what he sees nowadays.

I ended up having two days on it — we shot it out in the wintertime in Staten Island — and we were all in one Winnebago and stuff like that. But I kept looking for the equipment and I didn’t realize that that was the camera because it was so small. I was like, Where’s Busby Berkeley sitting on a big massive thing with blimps over it trying to keep it quiet?Instead, it was this very small Aeroflex. And I couldn’t believe it. … I was more confused than anything.

You can read the full interview with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg .

Tom Hanks is currently filming his new movie Sully in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. Sully stars Tom Hanks as Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and his life before and after the heroic crash landing along the Hudson River in New York City. If you can’t remember, Sullenberger was a piloting US Airways Flight 1549 when it struck a flock of birds. He then performed an emergency landing in New York City’s Hudson River.

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