Did you know? Tom Hanks is related to Fred Rogers.

In press for the upcoming Fred Rogers docudramaA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’, Tom Hanks received news that he was related to Fred Rogers

An Access Hollywood journalist met up with the two-time Oscar-winning actor and his wife Rita Wilson at an advanced screening of ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’, the upcoming biopic in which Tom Hanks plays the legendary PBS leader. In the interview, you can see the journalist did her homework. According to ancestry.com search, Tom Hanks and Rogers are cousins six times removed, sharing a common ancestor named Johannes Meffert.

Tom Hanks appeared to look shocked. Hanks replied, “It all comes together, you see.”

The movie, which hits theaters on November 22nd and which Project Casting featured their casting calls, Hanks plays Fred Rogers as he is interviewed by an ‘Esquire’ journalist, played by Matthew Rhys.

Check out the video above.