Nude Restaurant Won’t Let Overweight Diners In

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A nude restaurant in Japan will not let overweight diners in to eat.

In Key West their’s a popular bar called the Garden of Eden. According to reviews, it sounds like a pretty good time. So, when it was revealed that a clothing-free restaurant in Tokyo was coming soon it wasn’t that much of a surprise. However, one of the rules to the restaurant is stirring a lot of country.

On its website, the restaurant warns that diners who are likely to be over 15 kg the “average weight” corresponding to their height should make reservations, because it won’t refund entrance fees for diners they decide not to let in.

RocketNews24 notes that the restaurant is offering a dinner banquet and a “men’s show” dance featuring American and European male models. Waiters will also be “men with the world’s most beautiful bodies.” Diners will have to give the restaurant their phones at the door, and refrain from speaking or touching other customers.

Ahead of The Amrita’s opening on July 29, tickets are selling fast. In fact, the $748 tickets have already sold out.

This is pretty shocking considering the growing number of plus-sized models and number of overweight people in the world.

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