‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 5 – [Spoiler] is Pregnant with [Spoiler’s] Baby

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The Walking Dead season 6 is in full swing and a major spoiler for season 6 episode, “Now” has just hit the Internet.


In the upcoming Walking Dead season 6 episode, “Now” synopsis, there is trouble “inside and outside the gate.” This seems like a direct hint at the horde making its way towards Alexandria. But, it looks like there could be more than just Walkers.

We already know that Morgan is holding one of the Wolves in a cell, but it’s unclear if any more of them are hiding out. Or, if there is a traitor in the group.

But, in a weekly Q&A with the The Spoiling Dead Fans and their unnamed source, it appears as though a cast member is pregnant and a new baby is on the way to The Walking Dead. 

TSDF OFFICIAL: ‘Now’ Q&A: Move over Judith! There may be a new baby in town… -Prime

Q – Do Maggie and Aaron go search for Glenn? Do they make it to the area where Glenn was seen?
A – Yes they go searching but don’t make it.

Q – Do we know what Abe, Daryl, and Sasha are doing in this episode?
A – No

Q – Do Ron and Carl fight? If so, why are they fighting and do any of them get hurt?
A – Yes about looking for Enid. No injuries just some back pain.

Q – Does anyone encounter the tied up Wolf? If so, what happens?
A – No

Q – Do any other Wolves besides the tied up Wolf show up in this episode?
A – No

Q – Does Michonne talk to Betsy about David’s death?
A – No

Q – What is Rick doing while he’s wearing a face shield?
A – No shield in this episode

Q – Do we find out if Maggie is pregnant?
A – Yes she is

Q – How does Rick escape the herd?
A – Not shown

Q – Does anyone die? If so, who and how?
A – 2 Zombiefied Alexandrians killed by Jessie and Deanna

Q – Does the group have a plan for how to deal with the incoming herd?
A – They are waiting for Abe/Daryl to come back and lead the herd away

Q – Do we see Glenn at all?
A – No

Q – Is there any conflict caused by Morgan’s pacifist ways?
A – No

Q – Deanna looked pretty distraught in that promo, does she do, or attempt to do, something drastic?
A – No, just horrified at the zombie herd

Q – Is it made clear whether or not the captured Wolf was bitten or just wounded
A – No

Sewer Zombies, Baby!!!
Woman on Woman Kissing!!!

Note: the information is correct At the time of the posting. As always, anything can change by the time we see it live.


TSDF OFFICIAL: ‘Now’ Q&A: Move over Judith! There may be a new baby in town… -PrimeQ – Do Maggie and Aaron go…

Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Friday, November 6, 2015

That’s right. “Maggie is pregnant” with Glenn’s baby. WHOA.

But, the episode will not say if Glenn is alive or not.

In other interesting news we will find sewer zombies in this upcoming episodes as well as nobody is going to die in the upcoming episode.

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