‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler: Chandler Riggs Tells All

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The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs recently opened up last Sunday night’s episode.

Walking Dead Spoiler Alert: This article features spoilers from episode 609.

AMC’s The Walking Dead accomplished one of the biggest and craziest episodes in recent TV history. In fact, many are calling the latest episode as one of the best due to the fact that producers featured one of the most shocking and graphic moments from the comic book series.

In the episode, Chandler Riggs’ Carl loses his eye in the middle of zombie chaos. And, The Hollywood Reporter had the chance to talk with Chandler about the scene and The Walking Dead and it’s pretty intense.

Reporter Lesley Goldberg asked Chandler about his experience on The Walking Dead, when he found out his character was going to lose an eye and what’s going to happen next.

Chandler revealed he figured out he was going to lose an eye during season two when he started reading the comics with his father.

“We were worried for a while because in the comics, that panel (below) looks like he would definitely die from that. We were freaking out over it. We had kept up with the comics for a while and had been slacking with it until my character was in grave danger of being killed off (laughs). It was very scary.”

Chandler also touched on the night the scene took place.

It was a night shoot and it was really late. That whole sequence is really dark and brutal. The whole thing with Jessie and Sam was crazy. With her hand getting chopped off everything was crazy. The fun part was the whole turning around and revealing that my eye was gone.

Chandler also touched on how the shooting will impact Carl in the remaining episodes of season 6.

The transition from a boy into a man was more in season four when Rick mentioned that Carl was a man at that point. His childhood ended there but hopefully the cool Carl will emerge from losing his eye and be really exciting. It makes him a lot harder and ruthless. My character is always so much more fun to play when that happens.

Chandler Riggs also explained how The Walking Dead scene was actually edited differently than how it was described on the script.

It’s a big thing for him, especially since originally in the scripts it wasn’t just a stray shot from Ron. It was very quick when we shot it; it was Ron aiming the gun at Rick and Carl standing up and taking the bullet for Rick and essentially saving Rick’s life. They edited it in a different and more innocent way, which is really cool. It’ll be cool to see how it ends up turning out.

You can read the full “Hollywood Reporter” interview with Chandler Riggs here.