Jared Leto: ‘Suicide Squad’ Joker Was Inspired By David Bowie [VIDEO]

Jared Leto Suicide Squad
LONDON - AUG 03, 2016: Jared Leto attends the Suicide Squad film premiere on Aug 03, 2016 in London (Twocoms / Shutterstock.com)

David Bowie was an inspiration to Jared Leto’s The Joker on Suicide Squad

In order to prepare for the role of The Joker for the upcoming Suicide Squad feature film, Jared Leto took a new and different approach to getting into character. There were reports that he watched crimes on YouTube, laughed at strangers, and scared the hell out of the movie cast. In fact, Jared Leto also said that playing The Joker, transformed his life. But, did you know The Joker is based around the late singer David Bowie? Well, at least according to Leto.

MAY 19, 2014 - BERLIN: impressions from the "David Bowie" exhibition in the Martin Gropius-Bau, Berlin-Tiergarten.
MAY 19, 2014 – BERLIN: impressions from the “David Bowie” exhibition in the Martin Gropius-Bau, Berlin-Tiergarten. (360b / Shutterstock.com)

“We discussed David Bowie a bit,” Leto said, referencing discussions with “a famous writer in the world of DC.”

“Not necessarily the music of David, but his class, his elegance, his timelessness,” said Leto.

The actor went on to discuss that it’s likely impossible not to draw from David Bowie in some way shape or form as an actor.

“Bowie is definitely one of the people we spoke about. And I think David Bowie is probably an inspiration for almost anything you can do creatively,” Leto said.


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