The Internet Reacts to Ben Affleck and Batman and It’s Hilarious

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Since producers released photos of the new Batman from the Batman vs Superman movie, people have poked fun at how sad Ben Affleck looks in the movie.

Zach Snyder posted the first image from the set of “Batman vs Superman” but fans did not rejoice rather, they decided to poke fun at Ben Affleck in his new costume.

It’s hard to tell if Batman is sad that he has to fight Superman or if he still upset that he did ‘Gigli’ with Jennifer Lopez, nevertheless, this is the most depressed Batman ever.

Below are some of the most ridiculous meme’s we found featuring Batman, who really needs some cheering up.

batswing Batman-sad-in-the-kitchen-meme Batman-ben-affleck-depressed-hotel ben-affleck-water-slide-meme-funny Ben-affleck-hilarious-picture-livingroom-batman Batman-sad-getting-married-parody Batman-gets-parking-ticket-parody-meme Batman-drinks-alone-funny-picture Batman-gets-parking-ticket-parody-meme-1 Batman-sad-getting-married-parody-1 Batman-gigli-parody-pic Batman-ben-afffleck-parody-mirror