‘The Hunger Games’ Prequels Coming Soon

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Get ready for more Hunger Games movies.

Just when you thought Mockingjay was the final movie in the Hunger Games series, you are completely wrong.

According to an announcement by the owner of the Hunger Games movie franchise, Lionsgate, the studio plans to create several new prequel movies about The Hunger Games.

Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns confirmed the studio’s plans to develop Hunger Games prequels.

Burns compared the franchise to Harry Potter and as something that will “live on and on and on.”


But, what about the fact that the last two Hunger Games movies didn’t do as well as the previous other franchise movies? Wouldn’t that suggest that people are not that interested in a Hunger Games prequel? Well, according to Burns, that idea is preposterous.

“It’s a high-class problem when you’re complaining about a $101 million opening,” he said. The film’s cumulative domestic box office stands at $227 million through Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games


With a franchise like “The Hunger Games,” Burns said, the entire brand shouldn’t be bogged down on the particulars of one element. “On a movie franchise, you can make damn near a billion dollars,” he said.

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