How to Send Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Letters in Prison

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Here is how you can send a letter to Teresa Giudice (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) in prison.

According to reports, Teresa Giudice is about three weeks into her 15 month sentence at the Federal Correctional institute in Danbury, Connecticut, also known as the Orange Is the New Black prison.

According to Radar Online, if you are interested in sending her a letter of support, fan mail, or tips on surviving in prison, you can contact Teresa at the below address:

Teresa Giudice #65703-050

FCI Danbury




Leaked stories from other inmates say that Teresa is doing pretty well in prison and had adjusted pretty quickly. Reports suggest that she is keeping a low profile and working in the prison’s laundry facilities.

“Teresa talks to quite a few people now, mainly the women who teach the exercise classes and her five roommates. She was dancing with them the other day and asked them to teach her how to twerk. They thought it was funny.”

Orange is the new blackIsn’t that what prison is all about? Twerking and dance classes.

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