‘Supergirl’ Stuntwoman Completes American Ninja Warrior Dressed as Wonder Woman [VIDEO]

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Watch this stuntwoman crush the American Ninja Warrior challenge dressed as Wonder Woman.

Jessie Graff has made a career working as a stunt-woman. In fact, Graff is the stuntwoman for the hit TV series Supergirl and she recently decided to take her talents to compete in the reality show American Ninja Warrior.

Graff has made a career working as stuntwoman on many major motion pictures and TV shows including Supergirl, Agents of Shield, Transformers, Iron Man 2 and many more. But, she became the first woman to complete American Ninja Warrior’s new obstacle course. But, what was even more amazing was the fact she completed the entire obstacle course dressed as Wonder Woman. 

It’s pretty badass to see her bringing these superheroes to life while performing her amazing feats of agility, strength and skill.


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