Study: People Are No Longer Watching Movie Trailers

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Movie Trailers are no longer as popular as the used to be.

Every week a new movie trailer is released but, according to a most recent study, a majority of those movie teasers are not shared, let alone watched. Instead prank-based viral videos, micro-movies and music videos are the most share content over the past 12 months.

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“Consumers are also experiencing ‘content shock’. The smart advertisers are creating memorable content by generating intense emotional responses in viewers and breaking away from traditional trailers,” Unruly’s U.S. president Richard Kosinski said in a statement. “The top three most-shared videos of the past 12 months are prankverts or, in the case of Frozen, a trackvert [or a video based around a song, like Frozen‘s ubiquitous “Let It Go”].” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Essentially audiences are no longer interested in previews of movies. Instead, people are interested in experiencing something beyond the movie trailer.

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The study also pointed out that 31 percent of those who watched a movie promo would purchase a ticket to see the movie but, those who share a movie-related content are almost six times more likely to purchase a ticket than those who don’t.

Expect to see more videos like this:

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