‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Wants a Role on ‘The Walking Dead’

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Netflix’s Millie Bobby Brown wants a role on The Walking Dead.

Stranger Things‘  Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most popular child actors in Hollywood right now and is perhaps destined for super stardom.

During a panel discussion at Rhode Island Comic Con, not only did Brown express interest in the hit Walking Dead TV series but, she revealed that she’s interested in joining the cast of The Walking Dead or playing the iconic Princess Leia in any upcoming Star Wars movies.

During a panel at Rhode Island Comic Con, she revealed she’s been pushing for a part on apocalyptic megahit The Walking Dead. “There’s this one show I just want to be on so badly, I’ve tried everything to get on The Walking Dead. I don’t even care if I’m a zombie,” she said, according to ComicBook, though she also mentioned she’s interested in doing something “calmer and more soft, instead of hardcore.”

Brown, who played telekinetic, pre-teen heroin Eleven, showed she’s got the acting chops for the Walking Dead. Back in 2014, she starred in U.K. drama The Intruders as a 9-year-old girl overtaken by a murderer’s soul. In Stranger Things, Brown was able to channel a darker, creepier character, even though her goodness trumped even her evil scientist grandfather.

In October, she also said she’s intersted in venturing into comedy. “I’d love to do a project where I’m funny,” Brown said during a panel at New York Comic Con, as Bustle reported. For now, she’s still very much committed to Stranger Things, which is now filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

Surprisingly, this could happen as both TV shows filming in Georgia. Someone make this happen!

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