Stephen Collins’ Sexually Assaulted His 12-Year-Old Babysitter

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Stephen Collins’ Sexually Assaulted His 12-Year-Old Babysister and Allegedly is Suffering from a Mental Disorder

In 2012, Faye Grant, the second wife of 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins, sent a personal email to a woman who had been allegedly molested by Collins when she was a child.

Here is what is said in the email:

Stephen is not remorseful, shows no guilt, and his shame is demonstrated as extreme self pity. He wails and cries “i’m in so much paaaaaaain!!!” I do not think he has allowed himself, or perhaps he is not capable of experiencing the pain he has cause children. [Source]

Faye Grant says that she has lived “every day with agonizing guilt” since she learned of her husband’s abuse and that she “should have done so many thing that I did not do.” She continues:

I have learned much about sociopaths the past 6 months. Stephen’s every action comes from two motivations: One: to follow his prey. Two: To cover his tracks. Nothing else exists for him. Very sad.

Gawker also reports that Collins suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Also in the email, Grant writes Collins entered therapy and sexaholics anonymous, and claims that he has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It also states Collins molested the email’s recipient and two others. “I knew Stephen was a narcissist, of course,” Grant writes. “I did not know he was a pedophile.” [Source]

Recently, Stephen Collins’ talent agency ended their relationship with the actor over the molestation scandal. The 7th Heaven actor was represented by the Agency for the Performing Arts, based in Beverly Hills. But, after the scandal his agent Jeff Witjas severed ties with Stephen Collins on Friday evening.