Stephen Collins’ Lawyer Blames Wife for Leaking the Confession

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Stephen Collins’ lawyer blames Estranged Wife of leaking the child molestation audio tape.

According to reports, Stephen Collins’ lawyer has accused the actor’s estranged wife Faye Grant of leaking an audio tape which allegedly features him confessing to molesting underage girls.

The former 7th Heaven actor made headlines this week when a secretly taped conversation was published and appeared to show him allegedly admitting to abusing three young girls. The audio was posted on TMZ and was reporetedly recorded by Grant. His wife later told E! News, that she had no involvement whatsoever. However, COllins’ lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan has now accused Grant of using the tape to make more money from the star during their divorce proceedings.

He tells, “Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled. “When these demands were rebuffed, Faye attempted – without success – to peddle the tape in numerous ways to numerous different people. It appears that she has finally found an audience for this tape – not surprisingly, on the eve of the trial in the divorce case where, again, she is seeking millions of dollars more than that to which she is legally entitled.”

Kaplan adds, “Though we would like to address the tape itself, the circumstances dictate that we must regrettably refrain from doing so at this time.”

Police officers are currently investigating Collins after they received complaints from a woman about his alleged sexual advances when she was a child. The LAPD closed their investigation into the molestation claims in 2012 but are now “revisiting” the situation in light of the new information.


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