‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Script Leaks Online

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Star Wars: Episode VIII leaked script is now going viral.

According to reports, the plot for the next Star Wars movies have leaked online and it has the Internet going crazy. According to BGR, someone from Rian Johnson’s team spilled the beans on what’s going on in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Spoiler Alert. There are many spoilers ahead, assuming this information is correct, including who Rey’s mysterious parents might be.

Maxim Apryatin / Shutterstock.com
Maxim Apryatin / Shutterstock.com

According to Comicbook Movie, months before Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit movie theaters, a plot outline leaked online and it ended up being “pretty much 99% accurate.” A few days ago a similar leak hit Reddit, and we can just hope that it’s fake. The supposed Episode VIII plot has been marked “debunked” on Reddit since being first posted, however it’s not clear who or why it was debunked.

Daisy Ridley
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That being said, here the supposedly leaked script that was posted on Reddit:

Working title is “Echoes of the Dark Side”…