Spike Lee's 'Chiraq' - The 4 Craziest Casting Calls

The four craziest casting calls from the Spike Lee 'Chiraq' movie.

Anticipation for Spike Lee's new movie Chiraq is heating up. Despite, the fact that hundreds of people are upset with Spike Lee's new movie, it is hard to deny the excitement building around Chiraq. While the movie was filming in Chicago, 4 Star Casting, the extras casting company shared some amazing casting calls looking for actors, models and real people to appear in the movie. While the casting calls are vague, it will be interesting to see how Spike Lee takes a random group of extras and transforms it into a feature film.

Here are the 4 craziest casting calls from the upcoming Chiraq movie.

4. Bomb Squads

Last summer, 4 star casting was looking for real police officers and extras to play bomb squad members.

3. Suburban families

4 Star Casting was looking for a real surburban family types. Spike Lee was apparently interested in Caucasian men and women to play a typical suburban family. In addition, casting directors were looking for Caucasian kids ages 16 to 18 to work on the upcoming scene. Check out the Chiraq casting call below:
DAD: Male, Caucasian, Ages 42-55, typical suburban dad type MOM: Female, Caucasian, Ages 40-48, attractive suburban mom type, dark hair preferred SON: Male, Caucasian, Ages 16-18, dark hair, clean cut

2. National Guard

Chiraq In addition to a bomb squad Spike Lee was interested extras to play the National Guard. Chiraq casting directors were looking for men and women to play military types. Casting directors were looking for people between the ages of 17 to 40. Details surrounding their roles were not released but, casting directors needed extras to work for several days on the feature film.

1. Rally Supporters

Chiraq Chiraq Following in the heels of Ferguson, Missouri protests, casting directors were looking for extras to play Rally supporters. Chiraq casting directors were looking for extras to play rally attendees and producers were seeking extras between the ages of 25 to 50. Again, details were not released but, according to the casting call it is safe to say it's a huge scene. Chiraq Since Chiraq has finished filming, 4 Star Casting is now casting extras to work on Empire. If you are interested in working on a feature film or TV show filming in Chicago, check out the latest casting calls here.

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