Six Facts Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle

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Six Facts Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know About American Sniper, Chris Kyle

The movie American Sniper, based on the story of late Navy Seal Chris Kyle, is a box office hit, and is setting records around the world for being one of the biggest movies of 2015. However, the autobiography of the same name, is being reported as a bunch of myths, lies” and exaggerations that Hollywood didn’t really clear up or explain.

Here are six lies about Chris Kyle, according to Raw Story, that Clint Eastwood failed to explain.

1. The movie creates a terrorist sniper that is unstoppable and works for several factions.

Chris Kyle’s main villain in the movie is a sniper called Mustafa. Mustafa is mentioned only one time in Chris Kyle’s book, but the movie makes him sound like a god-like killer.

2. The movie shows Chris Kyle as someone who is haunted by his actions. 

Throughout his book and in several interviews Chris Kyle never shows remorse for killing so many people. In the book, Kyle refers to everyone he fought as “savage, despicable” evil. He writes, “I only wish I had killed more.” He also writes, “I loved what I did. I still do. If circumstances were different – if my family didn’t need me – I’d be back in a heartbeat. I’m not lying or exaggerating to say it was fun. I had the time of my life being a SEAL.”

3. The real Chris Kyle told people that he killed dozens of people in Post-Katrina New Orleans, which was a lie. 

Chris Kyle claimed that he killed 30 people in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, a story Louisiana writer Jarvis DeBarry calls “preposterous”.

4. Chris Kyle lied about killing two men who tried to carjack him in Texas. 

Chris Kyle told people that he killed two alleged carjackers in Texas. Reporters tried to verify this claim, but no evidence of it exists.

5. Chris Kyle was sued for lying about former Governor of Minnesota.

Kyle said that he got into a fight with Governor Jesse Ventura at a local bar. Ventura successfully sued Kyle for this passage in the book, and the jury awarded him $1.845 million.

6. Chris Kyle’s family kept most of the donations and lied about how much money was given to charity.

The National Review points out that Chris Kyle gave around 2 percent, $52,000 to veterans’ charities while Chris Kyle made $3 million.

Despite ‘American Sniper’ being a major box office success, there is a growing backlash against the movie and Chris Kyle’s character. Many people are calling for the Academy Awards to make sure the movie does not win an Oscar in the next coming months. But, what do you think of Chris Kyle and the movie? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!