Showtime May Soon Be Available Without Cable

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Showtime may be available without cable soon.

Comments recently made by Joseph Ianniello the COO of CBS shows that executives are interested serving Showtime as an online only subscription based service.

At the Nomura’s Digital Media Conference in NYC Ianniello said nothing in Showtimes contracts with cable and satellite providers “restricts us from doing something direct to consumer,”. He also reviled some interesting numbers that have been at times hard to get saying 10M households receive broadband but not pay TV in the US. The company must “evolve as a business to be sure we’re where consumers want to be. …You have to give it to them on their terms.” []

This is great news for people that are interested in getting direct access to content from Showtime. However, there is no release date for this service. The most important news coming from this story is that networks are strongly considering online content and moving away from traditional TV programming. With the high cost of cable, more and more people are interested in getting only the channels they want and not 100 networks they will never watch.

Recent studies suggest that 1 million people will cancel their cable each year for the next three years. If network executives are interested in making a profit, then they will also have to adapt to the changing landscape.


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