Sally Field Hated Her Role in ‘The Amazing Spider-man’

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Actress Sally Field apparently hated her role in The Amazing Spider-Man

In the beginning The Amazing Spider-Man reboot had many people loving the reimagining of everyone’s favorite superhero but, as time passed everyone seemed to turn their back on the comic book character. And it turns out Spider-Man fans were not the only ones. Although the movie does a good job trying to create a background story for Peter Parker as a more human character, there’s one actress who desperately hated the movie.

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Sally Field reported how one dimensional the character was and this made it hard to work with in front of the camera. You can listen to the full interview below:

Sally Field explained to Howard Stern that she had only did the movie as a favor to the movie’s producer Laura Ziskin. Sally then went on to explain what went wrong.

“It’s really hard to find a three dimensional character in it, and you work it as much as you can, but you can’t put ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.”

Those are some pretty harsh words from the former Aunt May, but it does explain a lot of things. The character of Aunt May was there to be a support system for Peter in his most desperate moments. We can all agree on that, but of course when Aunt May is reduced to just a character used for comedic relief, then you have a problem. It can presumably be agreed upon in the comic book community that Aunt May’s character was not explored in that much detail in The Amazing Spider-Man as much as it should have been, which probably explains the recent reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.


Tom Holland will be playing the new Spider-Man and yes, we will have a new Aunt May. The latest actress expected to play Aunt May is Marisa Tomei and it’s rumored that she might also appear in Civil War as well.

Here’s to hoping that Aunt May’s character is explored a little bit more and has a major part in Peter’s story, rather than facing the same problems Sally Field did, and falling into a one dimensional character.

What did you think of Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man?