Reddit Bans the Center of the Nude Leaks, “TheFappening”

Jennifer Lawrence
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Reddit bans the center of the Celebrity nude leaks.

The Reddit page that featured links to all of the celebrity nudes leaked last week has now been banned by Reddit. The “sub-reddit” titled, /r/thefappening, now shows an image of that reads “this subreddit has been banned.”

The decision to ban “The Fappening” is explained in a Reddit blog post titled “Every Man Is Responsible For His Own Soul.”

While current US law does not prohibit linking to stolen materials, we deplore the theft of these images and we do not condone their widespread distribution.

Nevertheless, reddit’s platform is structurally based on the ability for people to distribute, promote, and highlight textual materials as well as links to images and other media. We understand the harm that misusing our site does to the victims of this theft, and we deeply sympathize.

Having said that, we are unlikely to make changes to our existing site content policies in response to this specific event.

Reddit explains that banning The Fappening was a necessary because the sub-reddit banned the site’s policy. But, other subreddits like /r/picsofdeadkids still exists on the website. It begs the question what is considered appropriate and what’s not.

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Reddit explains themselves not as a social network but a government. They are “not just a company running a website where one can post links and discuss them, but the government of a new type of community.”


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