Ready for Season 5? 14 Things That You Didn’t Know about The Walking Dead

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Do you love The Walking Dead? 14 Things from The Walking Dead That You Probably Didn’t Know

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12th but, there are a ton of things you probably didn’t know about the hit TV series. Here is a list of things you may not have known about The Walking Dead

1. All of the principal actors have a “Last Supper” the day they film their death scenes.

2. For Season 3, the makeup team used darker skin tones for the Walkers to show further decay as time has progressed.

the walking dead camera3. Actors who played zombies had to go through zombie school to learn how to walk and move like zombies.

4. Norman Reedus (Daryl) originally auditioned for the part of Merle Dixon. He was rejected, but his audition so intrigued the show-runners that they created the part of Daryl just for him.

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5. The zombies are either referred to as “Walkers”, “Geeks”, “Skanks”, and to the CDC, “Test Subjects” not “zombies”.

6. During lunch breaks, the zombie cast would eat together while the human cast ate together.

7. Out of the 20 characters at the camp, only 10 are actually in the comic (Rick, Lori, Carl, Shane, Carol, Sophia, Jim, Dale, Andrea, Amy and Glenn).

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8. The show is being made into a haunted house at Universal’s “Halloween Horror Nights” in Orlando Florida, and a Maze in Universal’s Halloween Horror nights Hollywood for their 2012 event.

the-walking-dead-us-89. Carol’s husband never appears in the comic, he is only mentioned to have been killed.

10. The logo seen on the T-shirt of Rick’s son Carl is that of another Robert Kirkman creation, Science Dog.

11. When Bob, Tyreese, Daryl, and Michonne hear the Terminus broadcast message from the radio, it was eight days before Bob would make his way there and nine days when Daryl and Michonne would. Tyreese has not made it there yet

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12. All of the seven main characters to die as of the end of the fourth season (Dale, Merle, Governor, Lori, Andrea, Shane, Hershel) have all been brought down mercilessly by another character, not by a zombie.

13. Jesse Pinkman joining the cast of The Walking Dead? The description that Darryl gives of Merle’s drug dealer (who most likely sold him blue sky meth considering he had it in his bag earlier in the series) sounds an awful lot like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking bad. The drug dealer has some sort of child in his life (Brock), in described physically as small and skinny, and says the word “bitch”

melissa-mcbride-the-walking-dead14. Carol’s handgun is a .38 Caliber Colt Cobra. It is the same type of handgun used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald

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