Ratings Drop Over 30% on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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Ratings for Fear The Walking Dead continue to slip.

Fear the Walking Dead maybe in trouble.

On Sunday night, Fear the Walking Dead was the second highest-rated show on television, behind only the return of Sunday Night Football. However, the ratings for Fear the Walking Dead are rapidly declining to the point of no return.

The third of episode of season one of Fear The Walking Dead was seen by 7.2 million live viewers. That’s a pretty good number. However, it’s down 12 percent from the second episode, which was down 19 percent from the first episode. That’s a cumulative drop of 31% since the first episode. In fact, the 7.2 million was not that much better than the 6.95 million people who watched the Miss America Pageant. 

Fear The Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead / AMC

However, it is important to point out that these are just overnight numbers, and with major competition from the NFL, the numbers are likely to grow. But, The Walking Dead would regularly beat NFL Sunday Night Football in head-to-head match-ups last season.

Hopefully, the writers and creators of Fear the Walking Dead are planning to kick up the suspense on the show, which should increase the number of viewers in the second half of season one. But, seriously, the last episode showed the cast playing Monopoly. MONOPOLY. Nobody likes playing monopoly. So, who is going to be interested in watching other people play monopoly.

(Via EW)

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