Pro-Police Activists Protest Beyoncé Concert

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Blue Lives Matter activists protest Beyoncé’s concert in Tampa, Florida.

Beyoncé’s recent music videos have sparked pro-police protests outside of her concerts. According to TheWrap, Blue Lives Matter activists were seen circling the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, where Beyonce performed as part of her Formation tour.

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In case you didn’t know, Blue Lives Matter is a pro-police spinoff of the Black Lives Matter movement. The purpose of the organization is to support law enforcement and their families.

Police Unions across the country bashed Beyoncé after her half haltime performance of her new song “Formation” during Super Bowl 50. Many praised her performance for bringing the Black Lives Matter to a national audience and others bashed her for being too political.

Protesters planned on protesting at an event outside of the NFL headquarters in February, but nobody ended up showing up.

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I bet Beyoncé is not too worried about the pro-police activists, considering she is selling out tickets across the country. She also dropped a new album, Lemonade, last Saturday following an HBO special that went viral.

Via TheWrap

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