OSCARS: 6 Things You Probably Did Not Know About the 2014 Academy Awards

Project Casting

The Oscars is more than just an award ceremony. It is the similar to the Hall of Fame for sports. But, here are a few things you probably did not know about the winners, actors, and movies that won and loss last night.

1. Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o is from the same ethnic tribe as President Obama’s family.

The huge “12 Years a Slave” star was born in Mexico but she was raised in Kenya among the Luo people. This is the same tribe that the commander in chief’s father was among their highest members.

4. Alfonso Cuarón is the first Latino filmmaker ever to win for Best Director.

His competition was Steve McQueen for ’12 Years a Slave’ but, it would be Alfonso at the end of the day to walk away with the award.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio based his performance in that Quaalude scene on a YouTube video.

If you’ve never seen the viral video called “Drunkest Guy in the World,” do yourself a favor and give it a view or five. Leonardo DiCaprio watched this video over and over in order to prepare for the incredible scene.

6. At 23, Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest actor ever to have receive three Oscar nominations. 

She received nominations in three of the last four years for her work in “Winter’s Bone,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “American Hustle.” She may just become the next Meryl Streep!

1-red-jennifer-lawrence10. They actually make those high-waisted pants from “Her” now. 

The movie’s costume designer Casey Storm has released a line of those high-waisted pants. Buy a pair. We are sure you will be a hit with all the Operating Systems.

Her's high-waisted trousers13. The real Jordan Belfort makes a cameo in the final scene of “The Wolf of Wall Street.” 

He’s the guy who introduces DiCaprio’s Belfort moments before he uses a shtick as a motivational speaker in front of a conference roomful of New Zealanders.