Netflix’s Chief Creative Officer on Disney+: “We don’t really get distracted by competition.”

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smart phone with the Disney plus Logo and computer with the netflix logo. They are subscription services for online video streaming. United States, New York. November 14, 2019. (Editorial credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE /

Netflix’s Chief Creative Officer opens up on Disney+’s streaming success.

Disney+ launched earlier on Tuesday, and within 24 hours, the streaming platform reached 10 million subscribers. Disney would later reach a record high. Many analysts had predicted Disney’s streaming platform would bring competition to Netflix.

Netflix’s ‘Chief Creative Officer Ted Sarandos gave his response to Disney+’s launch during a talk at the Paley Center’s International Council Summit in New York.

“We’ve been competing with Disney and all these other folks who are coming into this from the beginning,” he said. “For us, nothing really changes. We’ve always been customer-first and we don’t really get distracted by competition. We figured at some point everyone would get into this business.”

Sarandos said that he’s “frankly surprised it took Disney and other people this long to go down this path. It’s a hard change. These companies that have been built on making and selling content to other people, can they actually make more money or do better in business selling it directly to the consumer? … It’s a hard bet, and it’s a bet-the-farm one.”

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