Netflix Buys the Exclusive Rights to Fox’s ‘Gotham’

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Netflix Buys the Worldwide Exclusive Rights to Fox’s ‘Gotham’

Netflix really wants to know that they have a ton of money. After acquiring NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ at around $2 million per episode, Netflix has their eye on gaining the rights to Warner Bros. ‘Gotham’.

According to Variety, Netflix is in negotiation for the rights to Fox’s ‘Gotham’ before the show even airs.

The pact is unusual not only because the series has yet to air an episode but because WB is granting Netflix multi-territory rights as opposed to the typical country-by-country dealmaking.

“In this era of new business models and expanding windows, this is an unprecedented deal for our company and our industry,” said Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, president, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution, in a statement.

Netflix proved its willing to take risks for what it perceives to be top-shelf content, as evidenced by the streaming service’s deal just last week with Sony Pictures Television for rights to the NBC drama “Blacklist,” which emerged as a hit during its first season.

Netflix ponied up a reported $2 million per episode to Sony for “Blacklist,” a sum sources say is is in the neighborhood of what each “Gotham” episode fetched. But while “Blacklist” was strictly a domestic deal, the global nature of the “Gotham” deal makes this a far more lucrative payout.

When they discuss the appeal of Gotham, it makes a lot of sense. But, there is no Batman in the TV series. The show consists of super villains before they face Batman, leaving you wondering where the show will go.

It will definitely get ratings, but will it be a quality show? My bet is the show is going to feature a ton of super villain cameos without a clear plot line. Which makes it a risky investment for the Netflix corporation. But, at the end of the day Netflix may not even care. They are willing to bet the cult following of Batman is enough to attract more subscribers and larger recurring charges to keep people entertained.

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