‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Starring Robin Williams is Coming Soon

Project Casting

It has been more than twenty years since Robin Williams graced the screen as Mrs. Doubtfire.

The 1993 Chris Columbus comedy made more than $440 million world wide. Now, The Hollywood Reporter, reports that the Fox 2000 has a sequel in pre=production with both Robin Williams and Chris Columbus attached to return as star and director, respectively.

The orginal film as based on the 1987 Anne Fine’s novel, Madame Doubtfire, and featured Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan. The movie centers on the misadventures of an unemployed actor, Daniel Hillard, who, following his divorces, disguises himself as an elderly female nanny, allowing him to secretly masquerade his way back into the lives of his children.

Check back for updates on the projects as it develops.

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