Moving to New York City? Perverted Landlords Install Spy Cams, Watched Renter

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Are you planning on moving to move to New York City? Perverted landlords allegedly installed spy cameras to watch their lessee undress.

Aksana Kuzmitskaya just experienced every renter’s worst nightmare according to a lawsuit alleging that her landlord installed webcams in her apartment, then used them to spy on her showering, going to the bathroom, and having sex.

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Kuzmitskaya was renting a apartment in Manhattan’s Upper Westside. She began living and working as a housekeeper and maintenance person in a apartment building in 2013. She was given free rent on her unit in exchange for her services. According to papers filed this week in New York’s Supreme court she alleges the apartment was filled with cameras in the bedroom and bathroom which had a live feed, and saved 70 images of her undressed and “engaged in a sexuallly explicit act.”

Photo Credit: The Real Deal
Photo Credit: The Real Deal

According to the lawsuit, Kuzmitskaya complained to police after she discovered the cameras and moved out in July of 2014. A grand jury indicted the landlords, Eli Kadoch and Michael Kado on 10 felony counts, and now Kuzmitskaya is suing the landlords for loss of wages, damages and attorney fees.

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Kuzmitskaya noticed something was wrong after noticing a camera in her bathroom clock, and found 70 stored photos when she dismantled the clock. One of the photos include Kadoch lurking her apartment adjusting the camera.

Many actors leave their hometown to New York City in order to boost their acting career. However, it is sickening to think that people would violate your privacy in order to fulfill their sick and twisted fantasies. Becareful the next time you are looking for an apartment.

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