Make-Up Artist in Atlanta – How to Join the Film Industry

Project Casting

Want to become a movie make-up artist in Atlanta? Here’s what it’s like to work in Georgia’s growing film industry as a make-up artist.

Georgia’s film incentives provides thousands of jobs to aspiring actors, filmmakers, costume designers, and make-up artists. As part of a new Project Casting series, Behind the Scenes, I am going to interview the men and women behind the scenes that make the Georgia movies and TV shows come to life.

I had the opportunity to interview with Para Shardé Malden a make up artist in Atlanta, Georgia and ask her about the film industry, working as a make up artists and tips actors can use before they head to set and the interview was pretty enlightening.


From the fact that male actors should start wearing make up before heading to set, to giving insight on how an aspiring make up artist can break into the Georgia film industry, Para points out the best way to break into the industry in Atlanta.

What is it like working on set as a make up artist?


– I absolutely love it! Many don’t know that I actually have a degree in Mass Communication with my concentration in Television Broadcasting. So, I love being around my degree, creating for it and helping characters come together for the overall vision of the production.

How did you get your start?

– One thing I always say is everyone’s journey is different. As for me I started out by doing makeup for personal events and friends. The way I got into doing it for productions was actually by starting out as a PA (production assistant). Got to know the makeup team and then eventually started assisting and the journey continued from there.

Do you have any advice for aspiring make up artists wanting to get involved in the industry?

– My advice for aspiring makeup artist wanting to get involved into the television and film industry is to accept your own journey and don’t give up. Always be willing to take courses or training to stay in the know of your craft. Be humble and willing to assist. Learn set etiquette. Oh and again, DON’T GIVE UP! Your timing is your timing and it will happen for you when it’s suppose to! Be sure to stay persistent and build relationships.

Do you have any make up tips for aspiring actors so they are camera ready?


– Makeup tips I would give to aspiring actors so they are camera ready is to have at least the necessary basics in a kit in case you are working for a project that does not have a makeup team. For both men and women, have your base foundation, lotion, something for your lips (chapstick, gloss or neutral/natural color for ladies) and a product that can help control shine. Also, ladies figure out a natural clean look for yourself and have products that can help accomplish it.


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