Matthew McConaughey Goes Bald and Fat for the New Movie ‘Gold’

‘GOLD’: Matthew McConaughey gained a ton of weight for the new movie Gold now filming in New York City.

It looks like Matthew McConaughey traded in his Magic Mike muscles for a McDonald’s gut.

The Oscar winner debuted a new bigger frame over the weekend as he filmed the upcoming feature film Gold in New York City.

Sporting a bald head and a wider waistline, McConaughey, 45, walked out in a stylishly tacky suit.

Matthew McConaughey
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Matthew McConaughey plays Kenny Wells in the upcoming Gold movie.

‘Gold’ is written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman and covers the story of the 1993 Bre-X Mineral Corp. mining scandal. Bre-X Minerals Ltd. was based in Calgary involved in a major gold mining scandal when it reported that they found tons of gold in Indonesia. This would send this unknown company into a billion dollar company. However, by 1997 Bre-X Minerals collapsed after the gold samples were found to be a fraud. ‘Gold’ features Corey Stoll, Matthew McConaughey, and Toby Kebbell. 

A large majority of the filming took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico with several scenes centering around Casino scenes and models.

According to On Location Vacations, You can find Matthew McConaughey filming Gold on 53rd St and Park Ave in Manhattan.

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