Mark Wahlberg Moves to Reality TV with A&E’s ‘Wahlburgers’

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Mark Wahlberg is moving to reality television with his new burger joint, ‘Wahlburgers’.

We’ve been following Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg’s burger joint, Wahlburgers, and rumors of a reality show were going around soon as it opened.

Now it seems reality has become reality, as the Wahlberg boys have signed on to appear in a reality show about the restaurant from A & E. The show will reportedly depict the Wahlberg fam and all their buddies as they try to run a restaurant chain. It’s like HBO’s Entourage but in real life!

The brothers have signed on to appear in an unscripted series for A&E Network that will center around their family-owned Hingham, Mass.-based restaurant, Wahlburgers.

The series, titled Wahlburgers, will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the family as well as their restaurant. The show finds Mark and Donnie heading back to their Boston hometown to join forces with their professed “most talented sibling,” Paul, who serves as executive chief.

Now, here’s The Hollywood Reporter‘s story from today:

The hamburger restaurant also serves as a hangout for their friends and family, including the real Johnny “Drama” (Alves) and their mother, Alma, along with other members of the Wahlberg’s “original entourage,” including Henry “Nacho” Laun and Billy Leonard. [THR]