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There are a multitude of amazing film schools out there. Including the University of Southern California, and University of California Los Angeles rank the lists as the best film schools in the world.

But, it is important for aspiring filmmakers to not ignore institutions such as the Wesleyan University. The Hollywood Reporter ranks Weseleyan University as the 9th best Film School in the world.

OK, so everyone knows about the Hollywood infiltration of places like USC and UCLA. But they might be surprised to learn that Wesleyan’s Film Studies program is giving those two a run for their money, with a tight-knit group of alumni that includes Michael Bay, Akiva Goldsman, Joss Whedon, Larry Mark and Rick Nicita.

They and others were drawn to the Middletown, Conn.-based university not just because of the cozy feeling or its tradition in the liberal arts but largely because of the reputation of film department founder Jeanine Basinger, who makes each of her 80 film majors learn to write, direct and edit a movie by hand (yes, they learn digital, too) as well as study other subjects to enrich their films.

Of course, if they want to know about movies, they can turn to Wesleyan’s archive, which includes the papers of Frank Capra, Martin Scorsese, Federico Fellini and Clint Eastwood. “If you’re studying On the Waterfront, you can look at Elia Kazan’s notebook,” Basinger says. “It’s an amazing experience.” (THR)

Wesleyan University has been a firm leader in preparing students who wish to study Film. Since the 1960s, the university has provided schoals in both the humanities and social science to realize the importance and recognize cinema as a popular art form developed in the 20th century. Illustrating the profound effect film has had on modern culture.

A major asset to Film Studies at Wesleyan is the Wesleyan Cinema Archives, where a wide range of primary historical documents are collected reflecting a variety of fields within the liberal arts. Students have full access to these materials, which are also used by scholars from around the world, by biographers, and by media experts. In addition to materials on film, the Cinema Archives also cross-references materials in American Studies, Gender Studies, Literature, and Music.

Program Details

TUITION $55,736 (includes room and board)

DEGREES B.A. in film studies

NOTABLE ALUMNI Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl), Michael Bay (Transformers), Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand)

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