Lady Gaga Drops R Kelly for Christina Aguilera in ‘Do What U Want’

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Lady Gaga recently switched R. Kelly for Christina Aguilera on a new version of ‘Do What U Want.’

The two singers recently sang the song together on ‘The Voice’ last month, now they recently recorded a studio version of the song.

The hit song ‘Do What U Want’ is currently trending on its ninth week on the Billboard Hot 100. The song peaked at Number 13 and currently finds a home at Number 16th.

The song Applause, the second single to Lady Gaga’s album ‘ARTPOP’ is currently ranked slightly above ‘Do What U Want’. But, with the new remix featuring Christina Aguilera expect the song to have an upswing in the billboard charts.

Lady Gaga went to Twitter to announce the duet release as she described as ‘pink champagne, gold lame, hair, and fearlessness.’

Source: Huffington Post