KFC is Now Selling Edible, Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

KFC is offering edible, chicken-flavored nail polish.

KFC is an extremely popular American fast-food restaurant and is now expanding to Hong Kong with a new product, Edible, chicken-flavored nail polish.

“It tastes like chicken,” Anna Mugglestone, told the New York Times. “It’s crazy. I don’t know how they do it.”

So how do they do it? Apparently, with the help from food technologists at the same company that provides KFC with a “secret mix” of 11 herbs and spices used in their real food. Another executive with the agency assures Adweek that the polishes are “sourced from natural ingredients.

KFC Nail Polish

As proof, KFC took to Facebook to ask which flavor the public would prefer when the nail polish eventually comes to market: Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe. The response appears overwhelming to be the “Wow” reaction emoji, which probably means, “Wow, why would you even make this?”

Here’s the press release:

KFC’s signature flavors – Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy – have been carefully formulated from natural ingredients into edible nail polish and packaged in a stylish glass bottle and minimal box with over gloss details to appeal to young consumers’ love of food and fashion. Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick – again and again and again to taste why the world’s favourite chicken is Finger Lickin’ Good.

There’s even a music video.

Now, KFC is actually finger-licking good.

Via Racked

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