Kevin Hart Rides a Roller Coaster and Screams Like a Baby [VIDEO]

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Kevin Hart nearly pees on himself after riding a roller coaster on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Filming for ‘The Tonight Show‘ at Universal Orlando Resort took place all week. During that point in time, Jimmy Fallon took advantage of his location and persuaded Kevin Hart to face his fears on Tuesday at the “home of the greatest roller coasters in the world.”

Rather than jumping on the ride, Kevin Hart sad “Y0u know damn well I don’t like no roller casters … my palms were so clammy. You made me do it,” he complained.

Mounted cameras on the front of the car seats allowed for us to enjoy every moment of their terrifying experience.

Hart was so scared he could not even respond to Jimmy Fallon‘s questions.

Kevin Hart was so scared about the whole ordeal that his hands started sweating again when he started talking about the whole experience again.

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