ABC’s Johnny Knoxville TV Pilot Now in Development

Project Casting

ABC is working on a second TV pilot for a Johnny Knoxville sitcom.

Earlier this year ABC had picked up an untitled sitcom based on famous jackass Johnny Knoxville’s tulmutous life, and though the network didn’t move forward on the project, it has extended its contracts with several people who were set to star in teh show.

According to Deadline, the plan is to make another TV pilot by hiring a new writer who can “re-concieve” it for another chance at going to series.

The four actors who will be working on the new Johnny Knoxville TV pilot are David Koechner, Julie Ann Emery, Brad Carter, and Lavell Crawford (Huell from Breaking Bad).

Johnny Knoxville
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However, casting directors have not found the young actor to play a younger version of Johnny Knoxville, which is pretty big shoes to fill.

Johnny Knoxville was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and after high school, the aspiring actor moved to Los Angeles. After a rough start, he appeared in several TV shows as a background extra. He would later start creating his own opportunities by writing and pitching ideas to various magazines. This would later help him start the ‘Jackass’ series.

Two years ago, Johnny Knoxville revealed that he comes from significant inbreeding.

Knoxville discovered this when he hired an American genealogist to help trace his family tree. It was during the search that the extent of inbreeding among his family was actually discovered, the genealogist informed Knoxville.

“Sit down,” the genealogist advised Knoxville. “You know, in these rural mountain regions you come from, no one ever goes into the community and no one ever leaves the community. So it’s not uncommon that there’s in-breeding in those communities,” the genealogist said. When Knoxville asked if there was inbreeding in his family, the genealogist replied with “a significant amount”. Knoxville was not alarmed, but amused.

Knoxville will reportedly narrate the series similar to ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. It will be interesting to see if ABC adds inbreeding to the TV pilot.