John Boyega: Black Actors Need to “Stop Complaining”

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Star Wars’ John Boyega says black actors should stop complaining about the lack of diversity.

John Boyega said non-white actors should not complain about the lack of diversity in Hollywood. In fact, he suggested non-white actors should “be the change” instead of complaining.

John Boyega won several awards last weekend, picking up an award for best male performance at the Screen Nation Awards. And during his acceptance speech, he made reference to the ongoing debate surrounding diversity in the film industry, saying complaining about the problem “is not going to benefit us.”

He said, “To complain about what is going on is not going to benefit us. It is not. Be the change you want to be. Be the change. And continue and focus. Thank you so much.”

However, his speech ended up pissing off a ton of people. And many people took to Twitter to express their frustration with the Star Wars stars.

The criticism was so bad that it led to John taking to Twitter later in the evening to explain his comments and offer a public apology.

Apparently, the public apology was good enough for many people to fall back in love with the actor.

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