Netflix’s Joe Exotic Reveals The Actors He Wants for a ‘Tiger King’ Movie

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Joe Exotic ‘Tiger King’ Movie Cast – Joe Exotic reveals who he wants to play him in a ‘Tiger King’ movie.

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ has gone viral and the effect is amplified by the social distancing mandates due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the Tiger King is serving a 22-year prison sentence on two counts of murder-for-hire for planning to have Baskin killed as well as over a dozen wildlife-related charges.

Joe Exotic’s story has gained national attention and he’s reportedly hoping for more fame. In fact, he’s in favor of seeing his personality onscreen perhaps beyond the scripted limited series starring Kate McKinnon, which is currently, in the works. In fact, he has preferences as to who he wants to see on the screen a biopic of his life story.

From prison, Joe Exotic spoke to ‘Tiger King’ co-director Rebecca Chaiklin, who spoke with Hollywood Reporter, that Joseph Maldonado-Passage “would like Brad Pitt or David Spade to play him.”

In fact, “He doesn’t refer to David Spade as David Spade,” Chaiklin revealed. “[H]e refers to him as ‘Joe Dirt.’” 

Currently, it does not sound like David Spade is interested in the role and Brad Pitt has not commented on the subject. Meanwhile, ‘Tiger King’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

In relevant news, Cardi B wanted to start a GoFundMe for ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic. Cardi pushed her support for Joe further in retweeting a fan’s meme in response to her tweet calling Baskin a “slick b*tch.” With the retweet, she appeared to agree with a belief shared by some on the show that Baskin not only killed her late husband but fed him to the tigers she keeps her Florida sanctuary.

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