[WATCH] Everytime Jason Statham Punched Someone in the Face

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You can finally watch every time Jason Statham punched someone in the face and its amazing!

When you have been working in Hollywood as long as Jason Statham has, you are bound to get some sort of compilation of your work based on your acting skills. Owen Wilson likes to say the same things in every movie and Jason Statham likes to punch people.

As you would have guest, this four and a half minute compilation features a ton of Transporter scenes, but it also dives deep to include punches from John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars, so that’s pretty great.

We last saw Statham punching people in Spy with Melissa McCarthy, and we will see him punch someone in Mechanic: Resurrection, because just about anything deserves a remake, reboot or sequel nowadays.

With a role in the next Fast and Furious movie already on the way, it is safe to say that we will have several more years of Jason Statham punching people in the face.

You can watch the video below: