Jamie Foxx to Play Martin Luther King Jr in New Oliver Stone Feature Film

Project Casting

After Jamie Foxx’s stellar performance as Ray Charles, he is now ready to tackle other historic icons such as Martin Luther King.

Oliver Stone had a discussion earlier this week with DreamWorks, as well as, Warner Brothers, about this new project.

Rumor is that Oliver Stone will direct the film about Martin Luther King, and Jamie Fox will portray Martin Luther King in the film. Stone has been working on the idea for this project since 2009.

Initially, Warner Brother intended to co-produce this film. The film is still in the works and nowhere near ready to film. The film could be closer to its goal of filming if bother Stone, as well as, Foxx would officially sign/ commit to this project.



The script for the film was ever written by Steven Spielberg (Spielberg was one of the writers for the original script). The film will follow the life of Martin Luther King, beginning with start of civil rights movement until the time of his death during the year of 1968.

We are unsure if the film will depict other aspects of Martin’s life, that are publicly known, aspects such as: the many affairs with other women, or plagiarizing his final thesis in school.

What do you think of the new feature film? Do you think it will be a hit? Is Jaimee Foxx able to portray Martin Luther King Jr accurately? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!