J.K Simmons’ Trainer Reveals ‘Justice League’ Workout

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J.K. Simmons’ work out routine is insane.

J.K. Simmons’ new physique has gone viral over night and his new body has millions of people asking: How did he do it?

Well, according to a report, a former Marine and competitive bodybuilding named Aaron Williamson is training the Hollywood actor. Williamson has trained dozens of Hollywood A-listers including Dwayne Johnson and James Marsden. But, when it came to Simmons work out routine, Williams tried something different.

A lot of low-carb stuff, lean proteins, a lot of vegetables. Every day might be a little different for him. He eats every three hours. What he calls his “secret weapon” is a little piece of dark chocolate. He eats one square every day.

Williamson has worked on several major motion pictures including Terminator Genisys, Fantastic Four, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Django Unchained. But, it wasn’t until he started acting that he bumped into Simmons. During his first acting gig, Terminator: Genisys, Simmons started training with Williamson. “For Terminator, he wanted to just keep himself healthy while filming. And somehow during the course of him getting ready for Whiplash he wanted to take things to the next level.”

Williamson also reveals that Simmons works on a lot of “unilateral”movements with dumbbells to avoid injuring himself.

We use dumbbells that feel a bit better on your joints rather than being stuck under a bar. His goal was to have “sick arms.” When we did Terminator, I was training a guy named Jai Courtney. He kept mentioning, “I want to have arms bigger than Jai’s.” We would joke about it, but then we actually started training and he made improvements on his arms until what we’re doing right now.

Whatever Williamson is doing is really working.

Via The Hollywood Reporter


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