How The Hunger Games Boosted Georgia’s Economy

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The Hunger Games has not only launched the career of Jennifer Lawrence it seriously boosted Georgia’s economy.

According to WSBTV, after three of the four movies in the feature film series were filmed in Georgia, The Hunger Games boosted Georgia’s tourism industry. In fact, the historic Swan house in Buckhead, which served as President Snow’s mansion, became a main attraction for Katniss Everdeen fans.

“We know we’ve had thousands of people come just because we’re President Snow’s mansion, and this is a big deal for us because this is a shift in our daily visitors,” Swan House manager Jessica VanLanduyt told Channel 2’s Erin Coleman. “We’re getting teenage girls, we’re getting fans of popular culture that weren’t necessarily fans of a historic house that now think this is a really cool place to be.”

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Major scenes on The Hunger Games were filmed all over Georgia, including Northeast Atlanta at the old Pullman rail yard and Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs.

“It’s changed the whole level of the kinds of films we get in Georgia. We had never been able to have one of those huge tent pole shows and we got the first one, “Catching Fire,” then the other two Mockingjays, and since then we’ve been host to the Marvel films, so it really has changed the level of films we’ve gotten here,” Lee Thomas, with the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office said.

But, what is the most surprising impact is the number of movies and TV shows that have filmed since Lionsgate invested into Georgia’s film industry. “According to the Motion Picture Association of America, 77,900 Georgians are now directly or indirectly working in the film industry in Georgia. So that is a lot of people, that’s a lot of jobs, and there’s a lot of companies impacted as well,” Thomas said.

Georgia is now ranked as the number three for TV and film production in the country behind Los Angeles and New York City having a $6 billion impact in 2015.

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