How to Break into the Acting Industry?

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Breaking into the industry, how do you do it?

Many people often ask, how can I break into the industry?

But, often times, “getting into the industry” is a vague term. What may be considered breaking into the industry for one person may be different for another person.

For example, is performing professionally enough? Or being paid a living wage while acting? Or being union contracted?

Regardless, you should have these things at your disposal to succeed:

  • High-quality professional head shots
  • A book of monologues (dramatic, comedic, contemporary, classical) for various purposes that you are ready to perform at any time
  • A song or songs with sheet music (even if you “don’t sing”)
  • A professional and well-formatted resume, stapled to the back of your 8×10 headshot, ready to hand out at any time

Qualifications are a different topic!

In the field of acting, “qualifications” in the industry are not really a thing, in comparison to a traditional job interview.

3 years studying the Meisner technique on a resume is typically irrelevant if you are a great actor. The important thing to remember is to perform well. Taking classes in improv, acting techniques, dancing, singing or playwriting will improve your skills to some degree. Performing in small productions is the best way to sharpen your acting skills.


There are specific skills that you could master that could help you in a very particular sense, but they are not frequently seen in a casting call. Such as playing an instrument, magic tricks, or juggling are examples of skills that will only help in a small number of roles. Concentrate on the basics and you will slowly see the way to break into the industry.